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Evidence-Based Practice

An evidence-based practice bases clinical decisions on the best available evidence. COMPACT OnAir evidence-based content is:

  • Updated
  • Referenced
  • Modeled for different learning styles
  • Prioritized according to the preferences of primary care physicians

Expert Opinion

“It may take as long as one or two decades for original research to be put into routine clinical practice. Thus, the translation of research findings into clinical practice and patient outcomes remains a substantial obstacle to improving the quality of health care.” AHRQ Fact Sheet, Translating Research Into Practice

Expert opinions drawn from the clinical experience and knowledge of the COMPACT Advisory Board will provide you clinical pearls for your daily practice.


“The importance of clinical research for the practice of clinical medicine is immense and undeniable, but the knowledge gained from clinical research does not directly answer the primary clinical question of what is best for the patient at hand.” MR Tonelli, The limits of evidence based medicine

Information from the clinical experience and personal opinions of COMPACT Community Members will help you learn about your colleagues’ practices and features of those practices that you may want to incorporate into your own practice.

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